Conmutador de vídeo NeoLIVE R2: potente conmutador de vídeo
Author: Site Editor    Publish Time: 2023-08-17
The pursuit of high picture quality is always the theme of the image,The Neolive R2 video switcher produced by xiamen sprolink science&technology Co.,Ltd is a professional to create a multi-camera switching live audio and video equipment.just connect the Neolive R2 multi-camera video mixer, you can easily create a professional multi-camera productions to achieve the live streaming of the YouTube network streaming media, make the quality of the picture is greatly improved.

NeoLIVE R2 Advantage

NeoLIVE R2 video switcher has built in a variety of functions to achieve a wonderful and clear picture in picture effect, and NeoLIVE R2 has a USB interface that can be identified as webcam signal,so it can be used for any live streaming media.

NeoLIVE R2 has high-quality chroma back-up function, it can sample the background color through the color picker, thus automatically generating keying parameters to meet the needs of different scenes for one-key keying , making live streaming more professional and vivid. Equipped with up to 4 HDMI inputs and one HDMI output pre-monitoring, it can realize multi-position deployment, covering various angles, capturing wide-angle shots in performances and close-up shots of each performer, which is very suitable for medium, near and close-up shots switching in live streaming.


Neolive R2 Application occasions

Stream live interviews

The Neolive R2 Switcher is ideal for interviews or food programs. It not only captures close-ups and wide-angle shots of the host and interviewee, but also provides close-ups of the various steps of the food presenter cooking and the ingredients, and its compact design allows for switching operations in small studios.


Business Conferencing

The multi-camera design of NeoLIVE R2 also brings a very convenient experience for business use. For example, in a business meeting, one camera can be set as a close-up , another for a wide shot and a computer for PowerPoint presentations, the presenter can even use the picture-in-picture function, which enhances the quality of business presentations!


Live Stream eSport Competitions

Live stream eSport competitions to live gaming platforms by simply connecting multiple gaming consoles and a camera for a presenter.The Neolive R2 is operates up to 60 frames per second for fast gameplay.


Education and Training

The Neolive R2 is ideal for producing educational videos. It can use multi-camera live production solutions to record a range of educational topics videos, as well as one-click keying to create virtual teaching scenarios to meet the needs of online teaching.


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