SPROLINK VF1 4K Processor Serve In Thailand

Author: Site Editor    Published Time: 2020-10-12

Lately a brand new LED screen has been delivered and installed in the theater of King's College International in Bangkok Thailand. High brightness, wide viewing angle, great color rendering and contrast, this 7m x 4m large LED screen at the backdrop of the stage will provide excellent visual display for the theater like never before, fitting the high class position of King's College International School.

To drive this 2688x1536 pixel LED display, SPROLINK VF1 video processor is selected for the processing. VF1 is a 4K LED processor with HDMI2.0 and DP1.2 inputs for receiving 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 uncompressed sources for the ultimate high definition display effects. With up to 4 DVI outputs, working with 4 LED sending cards, one single VF1 processor is able to drive an LED display with 10 million pixels. To replace the previously purchased fiber extenders that cannot support non-standard resolutions, two SPROLINK LK series DVI fiber optic extenders are offered to the customer for the long distance transportation of the signals from the control room to the LED screen.

King's College International School is a King's College School Wimbledon International School origined from UK, just newly opened on 10 September 2020 in the location of Bangkok Thailand.