Korean clients visited SPROLINK to discuss future cooperation plans!

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-08-17


Recently, Korean clients came to SPROLINK to visit SPROLINK multi-functional video switcher and other products. High-quality products and services, and good industry development prospects are the important reasons for attracting them to visit.

Accompanied by ZENE, the founder of SPROLINK and the principals of main departments, Korean clients visited the company's product display center, LED live streaming room, and real scene streaming room.

During the visit, Mr. Huang Rongzi, Director of International Sales, introduced the product planning, production process, standard specifications and usage scenarios of the company's core equipment in detail, and answered the questions raised by clients professionally.

The two parties came to the meeting room of the company, and the principal of the product technology department conducted a live demonstration on the company's star product NeoLIVE R2 plus for the clients, and the product quality was highly praised by our clients.

After visiting the exhibits, the staff led the clients to the reception room, introduced the company's product agency methods to the clients, and answered questions raised by the clients. Through visit and discussions, our clients affirmed the products of SPROLINK Technology, and spoke highly of the attentive service and rich professional knowledge of the staffs.

Finally, the clients said that this on-site inspection allowed them to get to know SPROLINK Technology and its core products closely, and was deeply impressed by SPROLINK Technology's orderly production process and strict quality control. And our company also has a clearer understanding of the needs and characteristics of the Korean market through communication with clients. The visit not only strengthened the communication between the company and foreign clients, but also laid a solid foundation for us to further open up of Korean market!