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SPROLINK 4K Dual Channel Presentation Switcher (Presell)

SPROLINK 4K Dual Channel Presentation Switcher (Presell)

$499.00 USD
MD2-4K is a 4K live streaming device with 5.5-inch touchscreen. Support 4K live streaming switcher mode and 4K monitoring mode. In 4K live streaming switcher mode, it can create any...
Sprolink 8x8 mixed matrix switcher, 16x16 mixed matrix switcher and 36x36 mixed matrix switcher.

SPROLINK 4K HDMI Matrix Switcher

$1,799.00 USD – $7,719.00 USD
●【Customized Output Resolution】Support customized output resolution by module for HD and UHD.●【Flexible Split】Realize quick split for LCD videowall in any config-uration.●【Seamless Switching】Support seamless switching between any channel.●【OSD Display】Support customized OSD...
Sprolink video capture card with hdmi input/output and 3.5mm audio jack.

SPROLINK 4K HDMI Video Capture Card

$149.00 USD
Make your favorite streaming content a breeze with our SPROLINK 4K Capture Card! Our capture card can collect high quality audio and video signals from a variety of devices to...
NDI PTZ camera with Ultra HD 4K & 8.5 Megapixels


$1,199.00 USD – $1,399.00 USD
Part of our hot product lineup, this 4k PTZ camera is ideal for any professional video production. It has 8.5 megapixels to give you an ultra-high definition picture quality experience....
Sprolink 4k portable monitor.

SPROLINK 4K Portable Monitor

$449.00 USD – $649.00 USD
Discover clarity and color like never before with SPROLINK's 4K Portable Monitor! Enjoy crisp, clear visuals wherever you go.This is a portable external monitor that can be used as a...
sprolink ptz auto tracking camera.

SPROLINK Auto Tracking PTZ Camera

$749.00 USD – $799.00 USD
This ptz auto tracking camera has all the features you need for optimal surveillance. With its super-zoom 12X/20X Optical Zoom and AI-powered tracking, you'll be able to keep an eye...
SPROLINK Flight Case Waterproof Hard Case Portable Storage Case

SPROLINK Flight Case Waterproof Hard Case Portable Storage Case

$139.00 USD – $1,099.00 USD
Product Name: SAFETY CASES, Safe Box, Safety Protection Box. Key Technical Specifications: External Dimensions : 360*302*193mm Internal Dimensions : 330*240*175mm Material: PP Alloy Weight (Kg): 1.6 Kg Protection Level: IP67...
Sprolink PTZ IP Camera.

SPROLINK IP PTZ Camera For Live Streaming

$479.00 USD – $529.00 USD
As one of our popular products, take your visuals to the next level with SPROLINK IP PTZ Camera ! Our PTZ IP Camera has perfect features, superior performance and rich...
Sprolink black LED video light.


$249.00 USD – $329.00 USD
Brighten up your video shoots with the SPROLINK LED light! Our LED video lights use LEDs as a light resource with realistic and natural color reproduction and are designed for...
Sprolink LK4 Hdmi Fiber Optic Cable.

SPROLINK LK4 Fiber Optic HDMI Cable

$149.00 USD – $919.00 USD
●【One-way Transmission】One-directional HDMI 2.0 active optical cable.●【HDMI 2.1 Active Optical Cable】For connecting HDMI source display plugs and HDMI display devices. Plug-and-play and no external power supply required.●【Long Distance Transmission】Up to 300...
SPROLINK MC-4K Virtual Multi-Camera Switcher

SPROLINK MC-4K Virtual Multi-Camera Switcher

$499.00 USD – $559.00 USD
Built-in 5.5-inch 1080p Display Visual touch screen operation Supports 4K input and loop-out with higher image quality Supports proportional cropping for multiple camera positions Supports multi virtual camera movement ,...
SPROLINK MINI Wireless Lapel Microphone

SPROLINK MINI Wireless Lapel Microphone

$104.00 USD – $184.00 USD
Experience the convenience of cable-free audio with the SPROLINK MINI Wireless Microphone System! The clip-on wireless microphone is one of our company's popular products, very compact and portable, so you...
SPROLINK NeoLIVE R2 Hdmi Video Switcher For Live Streaming

SPROLINK NeoLIVE R2 Hdmi Video Switcher For Live Streaming

$359.00 USD – $1,559.00 USD
【5.5-inch LCD Monitor for Multi-view】NeoLIVE R2 support 4x HDMI input and 1x HDMI output, and 1x USB3.0 for live streaming and USB STILL|CTL for upgrade and picture insertion, 4 x...
 R2 plus Video switcher mixer preview screen display effect and function keys show

SPROLINK NeoLIVE R2 Plus Video Switcher Mixer

$689.00 USD – $1,799.00 USD
●【Panel Upgrade】Using a big 5.5-inch 1080p LCD screen, our brand new Neolive R2 Plus video switcher also adds a special joystick to control the ptz cameras, makes all the operations...
NDI PTZ camera support POE.


$629.00 USD – $659.00 USD
Get optimal results with this top-of-the-line PTZ camera. It supports both POE and NDI, the golden combination of PoE-enabled NIC and NDI technology makes the live picture richer and the...